Heikki Juva

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Electronics nerd, Gadget geek, Licensed HAM operator - OH1EMX, always building something.

Car enthusiast and GPL-pilot, endlessly interested in the workings of anything you can drive, fly or program.

Professional hacker, information security expert.

I love working with real life problems, combining existing technologies to create working solutions.

I have worked with variety of projects, requiring following skills:

  • Embedded systems
  • Protocol implementations
  • Communcation bus design
  • Python development
  • Energy management
  • Battery technology
  • Information security
  • APIs
  • UI design
  • Project planning
  • Management
  • Research and patenting
  • Web development
  • Relation database design
  • Android development
  • Mechatronics
  • Device drivers
  • GIS
  • And various other topics...


MDP (Tech.) in Information Security and Cryptography

University of Turku 2014 -

Minor subject: Productization

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of Turku 2008 - 2014

Minor subject: Physics

Ten years of working with Debian Linux, coding with Python and C.

Fifteen years of Microsoft Windows, still in use as an secondary OS for testing and development.

Linux servers for about five years, mostly Ubuntu and Gentoo.

Frontend solutions, native apps, and embedded software: Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Java and C

Backend: PHP, Python and C

Database: PostgreSQL

Hardware: AVR, ARM, STM32, Solder


Geocaching, cycling, solarflying, disc golf, kettlebell.

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